Dixit Board Game

Dixit Board Game:  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words



Game Designer: Jean-Louis Roubira

Artist: Marie Cardouat

Publisher: Libellud

Players: 3 – 6

Game Duration: 30 Minutes

Recommended Age Group: Ages 8 and up

Rating: 7 out of 10 (1 = lowest and 10 = highest)

Type of Game: Party, Humor, Card Game, Voting, Simultaneous Action

Complexity: 1 out of 5   (1 = least and 5 = most)

Game overview

  • In each round, one player is the story teller and the other players are the voters
  • The storyteller describes the picture on one of his six cards
  • The voters secretly choose one of their six cards that they think match closest to the description
  • The storyteller then mixes his card with each of the voter’s cards
  • All the cards are then placed on the table ramdomly
  • Each voter then secretly votes on the card they think best matches the storyteller’s description 
  • Each player is awarded points based on the results of the voting
  • The game is played in a series of turns
  • The storyteller rotates each turn
  • To win the game, a player must be the first one to score 30 points

Game components



  • 1 scoreboard
  • 84 game cards (Each card has an abstract image on it)
  • 36 voting tokens (There are 6 different colored voting tokens with each colored having 6 tokens numbered 1 to 6)
  • 6 game pieces (Each game piece is a different color and used to keep score for each player)


  • Turns of the game
    • The active player’s role
      • The active player secretly picks one of the 6 cards in their hand and thinks of a clue to describe the card
      • The clue can be one or more words, a sound, a proverb, a poem (i.e anything they want)
    • The other player’s role
      • Each player other than the active player chooses one of their 6 cards that seems best to match the clue given by the active player
      • Each player gives their card to the active player so that no other player can see it
    • Revealing the Cards
      • The active player shuffles all the cards including his own card so all the cards are mixed up
      • The card are randomly placed along the numbered spaces on the side of the board face up
    • Voting
      • The goal of the vote is to find the active player’s card from all the other cards
      • Each player votes secretly with their voting token placed faced down
    • Revealing the votes
      • After all players have voted secretly the voting tokens are turned face up revealing each player’s vote
      • The active player then reveals which card was his/hers
    • Scoring
      • If all players find the active player’s card
        • Active player: 0 points
        • Other players: 2 points
      • If no players find the active player’s card
        • Active player: 0 points
        • Other players: 2 points and one bonus point per vote for his/her card instead of the active player’s card
      • If at least one player but not all players have found the active player’s card
        • Active player: 3 points
        • Players who have found the card: 3 points and one bonus point per vote for his/her card instead of the active player’s card
      • Advancement of the scoreboard
        • Each player moves game piece as many spaces as points earned
      • End of turn
        • The used cards are discarded
        • Each player draws one new card from the draw pile so that they now have 6 cards again
        • The next turn begins with a new active player (the next person in a clockwise order)
      • End of Game
        • The game ends when one players scores 30 points


Here are some sample game cards:



Pros of the Game

  • Beautiful artistic designs on the cards
  • Fun to play
  • Simple to teach
  • Anyone can win (Newcomer can beat experienced player)
  • Excellent for newcomers to gaming
  • Creative individual will enjoy this game. This is why it is also a great game to play with kids
  • There are expansion sets that allow for more variety of play
  • Challenging since the active player must give a clue strong enough in order to get at least one vote but the clue cannot be so easy that everybody guesses the active player’s card
  • Game play calls for interaction between players i.e. it is a very social game

Cons of the Game

  • A degree of luck to win game
  • Low complexity of the game that could turn away experienced boardgamers
  • It will cost you money to buy the expansion sets (but it is not necessary to buy the expansion sets)
  • There may be a learning curve on how to really great clues for individuals who are more left brain dominant

The Happy Board Gamer Rating

  • 7 out of 10

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  1. Hi David. Thanks for correcting your comments section. I like how you simply put down all your points in bullet form. I’ve got dyslexia (yeah I’m a mess!), so I like things easily displayed.
    I also like your passion for your past time. This pleases me, as does your crisp website. I detest pop ups intensely.
    I hope you like my comments?

    • Thanks for your feedback on my website. I am glad you liked the bullet form type of display for my blog. I present it that way since I think it is easier for visitors to the website to read. By the way, this game would be great for a person with Dyslexia. It does not require any reading and the visuals are great. Check it out.

  2. These not-so-common board games are the best. They are great when you want something way more interactive than the basic movie night. Hope you keep these coming!

    • Eric,

      I agree that these games are the best. The days of monopoly type board games are over. Unfortunately, many individuals were turned off by these games and therefore have a sour taste in their mouth. My goal is to introduce individuals to the new generation of games. Games that are interactive and loads of fun. I plan to keep introducing new games to my site. Thanks for visiting and come back again.


  3. Looks like an awesome gift to get for my niece, she’s just around 10 years old and soon is her birthday, would be a change to get these youngsters a sweet little board game instead of a “digital” device, haha!
    The price is acceptable as well which is what I expected from a board game.

    • Elias,
      Yes this would be an excellent give for a 10 year old. However, don’t be fooled. This is also a great game for adults to play. The cost is very reasonable. Take a chance on the game and you will not be disappointed.

  4. Hey David, thanks for the overview and review. Dixit sounds interesting. I’ve been looking at some new games for home with the kids. They’re getting older and Candy Crush just isn’t cutting it anymore 😀 . This sounds like it might be fun. Great post and thanks again,

    • Jay,
      This would be a fantastic game to play with your kids. There is a whole word of board games that you never heard of before waiting for you to explore. Please come back periodically to check out my new games that I will post. I agree, time to throw away Candy Crush. There are many more intellectual and creative games your kids can play instead.

  5. Sounds like a game for people with a bit creativity and it sound like a lot of fun. In my family this is the kind of game we play, a lot, thanks for the review.

    • Linda,
      I am sure your family would get a lot of enjoyment out of this game. It was my pleasure to provide this review for you. If you buy it I am sure you will not be disappointed and it will provide you and your family with hours of fun and more importantly time spent together. Have a wonderful day.

  6. I love the fact that it takes your imagination to play this game. That is something that we all need to work on: being creative. This game does just that. So it really doesn’t matter who ‘wins’ or ‘loses’. All the players win as they exercised a force we have that is all powerful. Imagination. Thank you for sharing

    • Brent,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree with you in the end it does not matter who wins or loses. It is all about having fun and enjoying the process of playing the game. Time spent with friends and family is invaluable.


    • Derek,
      Still playing the original game. If you are playing the game with the same people all the time then the expansion sets could add more variety. However if you play with different people, there is no need to buy the expansion sets. It is a casual game and in my opinion will never run out of game play. You can also use it as a filler game between playing more serious games. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

  7. David,
    We have game night every Friday night. Sometimes the neighbor comes over to join us. We are always looking for something new to try out. The Dixit board game looks very interesting, as you have to think a little. My son is 11 this would help in his creativity.

    • John,
      Your son would love this game. Kids usually find it easier to be creative than adults. This is a easy game to teach to your neighbors. It is lighthearted and fun. Has plenty of replay. Low cost game to buy. The artwork is great. I encourage you to buy it. I have not met anybody yet that I have played it with who does not like it. David

  8. Hi Dave,
    Very well organized . very colorful. Someday when I have time after making some money I need to come back and try this. Did you see this yet. reasons.org Talks about the real game of life.

    • Doug,
      It is a great game. It is cheap. So there is no need to wait. We must learn to live each day and live it to its fullest.

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