Love Letter Card Game

Love Letter Card Game is a Fast Simple Game of Risk, Bluffing, and Deduction



Game Designer: Seiji Kanai

Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group

Players: 2 – 4

Game Duration: 15 Minutes

Recommended Age Group: Ages 10 and up

Rating: 8 out of 10 (1 = lowest and 10 = highest)

Type of Game: Family, Bluffing, Card Game, Deduction

Complexity: 1 out of 5   (1 = least and 5 = most)


Game overview

  • In Love Letter, suitors are seeking to get their letter to the princess
  • You are one of the suitors
  • The game is played in a series of rounds
  • To win the game, you must win a predetermined number of rounds based on the number of players in the game

Game components

  • 16 game cards (Each card has a special power and has a rank number from 1 to 8)
  • 4 reference cards (These cards list the various types of cards used in the game and their unique powers. The reference cards also display how many copies of each card are in the deck. These cards are not used in the game, but are provided to serve as a memory aid to assist each player)
  • Cube tokens (One token is rewarded to the player that wins a round)


  • All of the cards are shuffled
  • To start, each player receives a card unknown to any other player
  • The remainder of the cards are placed face down in the center as a draw pile
  • The top card from the draw pile is then secretly removed from use in the current round (this adds a twist to the game so that the deduction component of the game remains strong since each player is unsure of what the missing card may be)
  • On the players’s turn, an additional card is drawn from the draw pile so that the player has 2 cards to chose from
  • The player chooses one of the two cards in hand to play
  • Play continues until only one player remains in the round or until all the cards are used up in the draw pile
  • If at any time only one player remains in the round, then that player wins the round
  • If more than one player remain in the round when all the draw pile cards are used up, then the player with the highest card wins the round
  • In a four player game, a player must win 4 rounds to win the game. (In a 3 player game a player must win 5 rounds and in a 7 player game a player must win 7 rounds)
  • Special Rule: In a two player game, three cards are secretly removed per round from the draw pile instead of one card


  • There are eight different types of cards numbered one to eight
    • (1) Guard – there are 5 of these cards
    • (2) Priest – there are 2 of these cards
    • (3) Baron – there are 2 of these cards
    • (4) Handmaid – there are 2 of these cards
    • (5) Prince – there are 2 of these cards
    • (6) King – there is one of these cards
    • (7) Countess – there is one of these cards
    • (8) Princess – there is one of these cards
  • Presented below are all the types of cards and their specific powers

Pros of the Game

  • Short game
  • Easy portability
  • Cheap to buy
  • Fun to play
  • Simple to teach
  • Bluffing involved in game
  • Fair amount of strategy and decision making
  • Anyone can win (Newcomer can beat experienced player)
  • Player elimination in each round is short
  • Excellent for gaming newcomers
  • Nice carrying case
  • Can play in restaurant while waiting for the meal
  • Well designed and excellent artwork on cards
  • Good filler game for game night

Cons of the Game

  • A degree of luck to win game
  • Low complexity of the game that could turn away experienced board-gamers
  • Cannot play with more than 4 players
  • If cards get marked or scratched, it may expose the identity of the card to the other players. Thus, it would be best to get card sleeves to protect the cards. (Card Sleeves can be purchased cheaply from Mayday games)
  • Player elimination occurs in each round (but the length of player elimination is of short duration)

The Happy Board Gamer Rating

  • 8 out of 10
  • Play it anywhere
  • It plays quickly and is super easy to learn
  • It will provide you and your family with hours of fun

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  1. Please leave me some feedback about the game or about anything else you would like to see on this blog page.

  2. Hey David, this game is pretty cool. I love the graphics on the cards. Watched the video, which is a cool touch, by the way. Watching the cast Learn how to play was hilarious. The instructions are pretty simple. And It looks like it would be an awesome game for date-night with friends.

    • Linda,
      Thanks for the feedback. This is an awesome game to play with friends. There is a lot of talk back and forth between players which also adds to the fun of the game. It is a lighthearted game to play. It is a great game for newcomers to the field of board gaming.

  3. My little brother is experienced and I think he can find it simple however I look for his birthday present can you recommend more complex game?

    • Even though Love Letter is a simple game, experienced boardgamers still can enjoy this game immensely. It has a lot of strategy and uses deductive skills. However if you want another game that is more complex, I would recommend SPLENDOR. I will review this game on my website sometime soon. David

  4. Hi, David! What a cool game. It may be a bit simple for older people, but I think it is perfect for teenagers. Something to distract them from their darn cell phones 🙂 Parents can participate and have some fun as well. I think it is perfect for a family outing. I’d love to purchase it.

    • You will not be disappointed if you buy it. I think you will find that it is a great game for adults as well. In fact, I usually find that adults like it even more than kids. My brother who is an avid hardcore board gamer loves this game. If he likes it, I am sure you and your adult family members and friends will love it too. The other great thing about the game is the banter that goes on back and forth between players.

  5. Hey David,

    The game looks amazing.
    I personally don’t think that it is a con that the gameplay is not complex because you know, recently I have tried to play Game Of Thrones (the board game). Boy believe me you need to have a PHD in order to understand the rules, plus the game tutorial is 50 pages.
    So I will definitely try Love Letter.
    Thanks for the grat suggestion.

    • I agree, I do not like the extremely complex games that require you to read a 50 page instruction manual. I do find that some of the most simple games can be the most fun to play and also require a good deal of strategy and decision making.

  6. Board games are always fun to play. I didn’t know about this one before but looking forward to try now as it seems interesting. I loved the idea of your website btw!

    • I am glad you liked the concept of my website. My sole purpose for creating the website is to share my love for games with the world. I hope that this website will provide ideas for others on how they too can have more joy and fun in their lives.

  7. Thanks David for clearly explaining this game. Sounds like a simple that you can play with your friends and just relax. Sometimes it is nice to just take it easy and not be competitive and this game sounds like it fits the bill.

    • I concur with your comment that games do not always have to be about winning or losing. For me it is about having fun. Daily life is filled with plenty of stress. When playing games, my sole purpose is to enjoy myself and if I win then the victory is an added bonus

  8. I haven’t seen this game before but it looks pretty easy to play and I’m all for being able to bluff if I need to! I know you said that game play length is short, but in your experience, what is the average amount of time it will take to play through with 3-4 people?

    • Jamie,
      The typical length of a game with 3-4 people is about 20 minutes. This makes it a great game to play if you do not have a lot of time. It is a great game to play while you are waiting for your food at a restaurant. It is a much better way of spending time with your family and friends instead of everyone using their cell phones at the table. After playing one game, most people want to play it again. By the way, it is best played with 3 to 4 people. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. David

  9. Hi David,

    Thanks for this post, sounds like a fun game!

    The embedded video really helps, I always need to see a game in action to try and pick it up 🙂

    Also great About Me page!



    • I also learn best by watching the videos of the board games being played by others. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks for the kind words about my “aboud me” page. David

  10. David, this game sounds like fun, but I especially love the artwork. These cards are stunning.

    It’s good sometimes to have a game you can play quickly with players of different levels. I’ve gotten embroiled with some that seemed like they were never going to end! That’s fun sometimes, but its good to have an option for when players are in a hurry.

    If you’re looking for some others to review, Cosmic Encounters and Betrayal at House on the Hill are both a lot of fun. There’s also a cowboy card game called BANG! that’s a lot of fun.

    • Beth,
      Thanks for visiting my website. I have never played the games you have mentioned. I will check them out. You are right about the art work on the cards. Of note,this game also comes in many different versions. Some of the versions are geared for kids. Just go to amazon and search under lover letter game and you will find all the different versions with different themes on the cards.

      • That sounds great, David. I’ll check it out. I’m always looking for new activities for children and new pastimes for us.

  11. Hey David. Always looking for interesting games to play with my daughters. Looks like we found a winner here. The video was a great touch. Any others you would suggest. I have two daughters 11 & 13. We love family game night, Thanks

    • Joe,
      Thanks for visiting my website. I am glad you liked the video. I learn games best by watching the instructional videos first and then reading the rules. I am more of a visual learner. Have you ever played Ticket to Ride. A great family game and one of the most popular games out there. I plan to do a review on it at some point.

  12. This kind of reminds me of a simplified version of the game “Dominion” (which we LOVE, so that means this one looks great to me). I could picture Love Letter being good for pre-teens who can’t quite keep up with the complexity of Dominion. Big plus is that it’s way more portable. Interesting!

    • Dominion is a fun game but very different from Love letter. Love letter is more like the game Coup. Love letter is a very simple game to play and definitely easier to learn than Dominion. So it would be good for the pre-teen age group. However, I believe any age group would have fun playing this simple but strategic game.

  13. Hey David,
    It’s the first time I’m seeing this board game. As a matter of fact, I’m not too familiar with any of the board games. They seem fun though. I think because of technology persons are moving away from board games and its a good initiative to promote these kinds of games, bring families back together.

    • Desron,
      Thanks for your reply. One of my goals with this website is to bring families back together in creative ways. I want families to interact with each other, laugh with each other, and enjoy each other’s company. Of note, the board gaming industry is growing exponentially. Check back frequently here at thehappyboardgamer.com as I will continue to update the site with more games. Have a great day.

    • Terry,
      Thanks for your comment. I was never a Trekkie but I am glad you like the video with Will. He has a ton of other videos like this one on different games. And yes it is a very fun game to play. Try it out.

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