Quoridor Board Game

Quoridor Board Game :

An Easy to Learn Abstract Strategic Game



Game Designer: Mirko Marchesi

Publisher: Gigamic

Players: 2 – 4

Game Duration: 15 Minutes

Recommended Age Group: Ages 8 and up

Rating: 7 out of 10 (1 = lowest and 10 = highest)

Type of Game: Abstract, Strategy

Complexity: 1 out of 5   (1 = least and 5 = most)


Game overview

  • In Quoridor, the objective is to be the first player to advance their pawn from one side of the game board to the opposite side
  • On each turn, a player may advance a pawn or place a wall to hinder the opponent’s progress
  • A player may never completely wall off the opponent leaving no viable route to reach the other side
  • The first player to get to the other side wins

Game components


  • One game board (Dark brown wooden board with a 9 x 9 grid for the playing area)
  • 20 wooden walls (These walls are used to hinder the opponent from advancing to the other side of the board)
  • 4 wooden pawns (The pawn is used as a player marker. The game can be played with 2 – 4 players)


  • The game is played on a 9 x 9 grid
  • Each player picks a pawn (each pawn has a different color)
  • The pawns are placed in the center square on opposite sides of each other in a 2 person game and in the center square on all four sides in a 4 person game
  • On each turn, the player may move his pawn or place a wall
  • Pawns can move one space in any of 4 directions (up, down, right, and left)
  • The purpose of placing a wall is to hinder the progress of the other player(s) and to help push a player’s own pawn toward their goal
  • Once a wall is placed it may not be removed
  • A wall can be placed vertically or horizontally and must cover 2 squares on the grid. A wall may not be placed partially on the grid with the other part outside the perimeter of the 9 x 9 grid
  • A player may never be completely walled in. There always must be at least one viable route for a player to get to the opposite side of the grid from which the player started
  • A player wins if the player’s pawn is advanced to the opposite side of the grid from which the player started
  • Special Rule: If two pawns are next to each other, then a pawn may jump over the other pawn. If there is a fence behind the pawn, the player can place the pawn to the right or left of the other pawn
  • A pawn may never jump over a wall

Pros of the Game

  • Short game
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Fun to play
  • Simple to learn
  • Lots of strategy and decision making (No luck involved in the game)
  • Good filler game for game night

Cons of the Game

  • Cannot play with more than 4 players

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  1. Please leave me some feedback about the game or about anything else you would like to see on this blog page.

  2. Nice website. Perfect timing from and my wife as we are looking for more games to play! Looking forward to seeing more on this site. Will be following

    • I am glad that the website was helpful for you. I plan to keep introducing more games on a weekly to biweekly basis. I think you and your wife would enjoy this game immensely. It is a relatively fast game to play but each game provides its own unique challenge. I believe playing this game with 2 players is the best. Please come back to the website periodically to check out new games. David

  3. At first glance, this looks a little like a chess set-up minus the rest of the pieces, but I’m so glad it isn’t as I’m not very good at chess. This is unlike any game I’ve seen and has a whole new concept. I love that it is only about 15 minutes per round and you aren’t stuck playing it all day like other games such as Monopoly.

    Thanks for the great article and newly found board game!

    • This truly is a fun quick game and can be played by all ages however there is a lot of strategy involved. It also comes in a compact size edition so can be played anywhere. Try it out. You will fall in love with it. David

  4. Hi David
    I think it is a great game. I love strategic games. I also like the fact that the game does not last forever. Simple rules, to the point. I might consider purchasing one.

  5. Hey David,

    I’m a chess player and this seems to be a nice game too. In the beginning it looks like a simple game but I’m sure if both players are more experienced this could be pretty much like chess.

    • Sam,
      This can be an extremely strategic game to play like chess. If you play with experienced players, it can be quite challenging to beat them. The advantage of this game over chess is that games take no more than 15 minutes to play. So if you do not have 60 minutes to commit to game of chess, this would be a better game to play. Give it a try, I am sure you will like it. You can play it on boardgamearena.com.

  6. Sounds like a great and fun game to play. Thanks for the review. You should really try and sell some of these board games by posting links where one can buy them. I looked but couldn’t find any in your post.
    Peace, Peter

    • Peter,
      Thanks for the feedback. I will take your advice and post links for people who want to purchase the games.

  7. Hi,
    It’s been a really long while since the last time I played a board game. The Quoridor looks interesting. Actually I don’t like to play board games that can’t seem to end you know! Thanks for sharing I think it will be a good choice for my husband and myself.

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